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Tools to Protect your Privacy and Browse more Safely.

• FireFox is more Reliable, Stable and higher Security than Internet Explorer.
• Enjoy more Flexibility to browse the Web the way you want it.
• Tabbed browsing allows you to open several sites at once and easily switch views.
• Surf the web Faster!
• New Intelligent Design

Mozilla's Firefox has so many excellent features that far surpasses the other web browsers out there- and it is free! Mozilla has just released Firefox 1.5 and it is even better than expected. Mozilla is a non-profit organization that develops open source software is located in California. They are committed to keeping the market competitive and giving people a choice in web browsers.

You would get some great features if you used the Firefox browser, and the best part of all is you get an excellent product for free! Firefox uses tabbed browsing which makes surfing the web an looking at multiple pages at the same time so much easier. You can have many tabs open at the same time, and you are able to organize them. Firefox blocks viruses, spy ware and pop up adds. You have the ability to bookmark your favorite sites. Firebox has it's own search bar. Firefox supports DHTML and is the first browser to be compatible with the governments guidelines for access for people with physical disabilities. Firefox is also easily customizable to fit your needs.

You should try this open source browser for yourself to compare it with what you use now. You have nothing to lose, but could gain a new favorite web browser!

Reviews of the Firefox browser are coming soon!